Past Performance

(1) 2007: Government of the District Columbia: DCPS

Contract # GAFM-2006-I-0501

Amount: $200,000.: Base Year.

Tasks: Provided Hazmat Remediation services in District of Columbia public Schools. Tasks involved removal of acm floor tiles and mastics with floor restorations. Removal of acm ceiling tiles with replacement. Selective interior demolition of walls and chases.
Contact: Mr. L. Minton, Jr; Phone: (202)-576-6191


(2) 2008: Option Year 1: GAFM-2006-I-0510

Amount: $450,000.

Tasks: Hazmat Remediation services with District of Columbia public Schools.

Tasks involved removal of acm floor tiles and mastics with floor restorations. Removal of acm pipe insulation and fittings with pipes re-insulation, removal boiler acm insulation jackets, removal of Sprayed on fire proof insulations and selective interior of walls and chases demolition Wall painting projects. Lead based paints stabilization and abatement.
Contact: Mr. R. Eley: Phone: (202)-576-5585


(3) 2009: Option Year 11: GAFM-20006-I-0501

Amount: $750,000

Tasks involved participation in Summer modernization project of John Tyler Elementary School in S.E Washington, DC, removal of acm floor tile and mastics with floor restorations, ceiling tiles removal with replacement, removal acm pipe insulations and fittings with pipe re-insulation using fiberglass insulation, removal sprayed on fire proof acm insulation, wall painting projects. LBP stabilization and demolition projects.
Contact: Mr. R. Eley: Phone: (202)-576-5585


(4) 2010: Government of the District of Columbia: OPEFM


AMOUNT: $1,000,000

Tasks involved participation in D.C public school modernization projects at various D.C public schools. Tasks included selective interior demolition projects, hazmat remediation projects in D.C public schools, Demolition of plaster ceilings with restorations, floors demolitions with restorations, Installation of dry wall, prepping with joint compounds and painting. Lead based paints abatement and stabilizations.
Contact: Mr. R. Eley: Phone: (202)-576-5585 & Mr. L. Minton. Jr.: (202)-576-6191


(5) 2011: Option Year 1: GM-09-NC-1112-FM : DGS

Amount: $ 1,000,000

Tasks: Hazmat remediation services to include selective interior demolition projects. Floor sand ceilings demolitions with restoration. Dry wall installation, painting projects; transforming large open spaces into rooms by designing the floor outlays, putting up studs, erecting dry walls, hanging doors and installing windows, floors carpeting and walls painting. Emergency on call hazmat & mold remediation services, and minor carpentry repair jobs, flood evacuation and air drying of wet floor surfaces with D.C public schools and government buildings.
Contact: Mr. L. Minton, Jr. (202)-576-6191 & Mr. Eley: Phone: (202)-576-5585


(6) 2012: Option Year 11: GM-09-NC-1112-FM: DGS

Amount: $999,000

Tasks: As in Item # 5, to include removing old floor carpet with replacement with new carpets. Emergency on call for hazmat services, minor repairs within D.C public schools and government building-Depart of Real Estate.
Mr. R. Eley: (202)-576-5585 & Mr. L. Minton, Jr, Phone: (202)-576-6191


(7) 2012: Sub-Contractor to Adrian L. Merton, Inc.

Amount: $54,000

Project: Harriet Tubman Elementary School, 13th, St. N.W. Washington, D.C

Tasks: Hazmat remediation of Boiler room, Gutting/demolition of two large steel boilers, and demolition of center blocks.
Contact: Mr Matt Merton: Phone: (301)-336-2700


(8) 2011: Sub-Contractor to Chiaramonte Construction Company

Amount: $15,000.00

Project: P.R Harris building on South Capitol Street, S.E, Washington, D.C.

Tasks: Hazmat remediation of floor tiles and mastics, along with duct dampening.
Contact: Mr. Frank Chiaramonte: Phone: (202)-562-0027


(9) 2011: Sub-Contractor to Turner Construction Company

Amount: $16,000.00

Project: Truesdale Elementary School, at Ingram Road, Washington, D.C.

Tasks: Lead based paints abatement from Windows and doors.
Contact: Lesa Zahn, P.E.: Phone: (202)-548-5820


(10) 2010: Sub-Contractor to Keystone Construction Plus

Amount: $ 75,000.00

Project: Lafayette Elementary School, N.W, D.C/

Tasks: Lead based paints stabilization of Fascia boards, cornices, Cupolas, with replacement of rotten wood pieces, repainting of the fascia boards, cornices, cupolas and doors.
Contact: Mr. R. Campbell: Phone: (202)-359-0765


(11) 2010: Sub-Contractor to Keystone Construction Plus

Amount: $37,516.00

Project:  Demolition of and remediation of acm floor tiles and leveling compounds.
Contact: Vicky Guzman: (202)-857-7906


(12) 2011: Sub-Contractor to JCO Rand Construction Company

Amount: $99,000.00

Project: Hazmat Remediation of acm floor tiles, fittings, selective interior. Selective interior demolition projects.
Contact: Clinton Peterson: Phone: (202)-283-3905.


(13) 2011: Government of the District of Columbia: Moten Elementary School

Contract #: GM-11-S-0801-FM

Amount: $256,000.00

Tasks: Hazmat remediation of the total facility, consisting of removal of acm floor tiles and mastics, sprayed on fire proof insulations, duct dampening removal, removal of acm containing doors. Demolition of floor grouts, selective interior demolition of chases and walls.
Contact: Mr. Darryl Sommerville: Phone: (202)-439-5296


(14) 2013: Option Year 111- GM-09-NC-1112-FM

Amount: $ 999,000.00

Task: Hazmat remediation services in D.C. public schools and government buildings, emergency on call repair services , mold remediation services, minor carpentry tasks, dry walls demolitions and replacements, LBP stabilization projects.
Contact: Mr. L. Minton, Jr. Phone: (202)-576-6191.